Payment Tracking

Members can track the status of their payments through the Payments page.

Our payment tracking tool (PACTs) will display one of the following categories:

  • On Hold - A payment may be put on hold for a number of reasons and they are:

        1. Waiting for Tax form - TopCoder has not yet received the payment recipient's tax form.

        2. Waiting for affirmed Affidavit - The payment is attached to an affidavit that has not yet been affirmed.

        3. Attached to Parent - The payment is associated with another payment that is on hold for one of the above reasons.

  • Owed - This payment is ready to be paid. (A member can request the release of payment, after the payment release date)
  • Accruing - The recipient has not reached his/her current threshold for payment disbursement.
  • Entered Into payment system - The payment has been transferred from PACTS into TopCoder's accounting software.
  • Paid - indicates that TopCoder has distributed the payment, though the member may not yet have received it.
  • Expired - The payment will not be paid.
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