User Settings and Profile Upgrade

Topcoder profiles have long been a core part of the Topcoder Platform. From the very start of Topcoder, one of the foundations set in place was that we needed a new and better way to identify and recognize talent. Member profiles where introduced along with merit based statistics such as ratings, number of wins, relative performance compared to your peers, etc. This concept continues at Topcoder and has a renewed focus.  With this upgrade, we are repositioning the profile and user settings portion of the platform to align with Topcoder's evolving model while at the same time staying true to our core foundational principles. This upgrade adds some new features and also sets the stage for future additions that we will roll out.

New Features

  • New APIs and event driven architecture to power user settings and profiles.
  • Updated UX: Public profiles now adhere to the standard UI kit.  User Settings has a completed updated UX.


  • Ability to manage your email address.
  • Ability to dynamically extend profiles with additional traits.
  • Tools - Tell us what you have access to in terms of devices, subscriptions, providers, etc.  Why? We'll be able to match you to challenges and tasks that require access to specific tools. 


  • Communities - Manage the communities you are a member of, like Blockchain and Cognitive.


  • Hobbies - Share some info we might not know about you.  The better we understand our members, the better we can serve you.
  • T-shirt size!, current location, primary interest, etc.



  • Profile backend - A complete shift of the backend over to our more current event driven and API based architecture. This makes the experience quicker and more reliable as well as sets us up for easier development and support as we move forward. Performance and stability improvements are also expected to be realized from this update.
  • Profile UX - The user interface was aligned with our latest look and feel for a more consist experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Linked accounts issues were resolved so you can link external accounts to your Topcoder profile.  This will come into play more for future concepts we plan to introduce.



None of these updates expose any additional info about you on your public profile.  The additional traits that you have the ability to enter are seen by yourself and Topcoder, and do not become part of your public profile. If we add settings/traits in the future that are intended to be shared on your public profile, we will clearly mark them as such.


What's Next?

  • Extended Skills - pull in skills from other platforms you contribute to so you can represent yourself fully as a digital worker in the global space.
  • Proactive campaigns to invite you to challenges that match you based on your profile.
  • Ratings - we're talking about bring ratings back into the spotlight and making it consistent across all challenge tracks.
  • Follow members, technologies, etc.


Please direct any questions and/or issues to or the forums.



The Topcoder Team

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    Please allow text input or a year drop-down for the birthday. While it won't be entered more than once, I have a few more clicks to go before I reach the correct year. Even in your screenshot, it defaults to the current date. Other than that, a good UI update.

    Edited by Atannir
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    Tony Jefts

    Thanks for the feedback Atannir. I'll provide it to the team.

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    Arpit Vaish

    Please help me to change my user name.

    I want to change it.

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