Policy for Icons in Design Submissions

Version 1.2: Updated on updated on 05/16/2018

Your submission CANNOT contain any stock art, clipart, icons, or "free" elements from the web. All items you design and submit within a Topcoder Design Challenge must be created solely by you (as original artwork).

The exception to this rule is when a Design challenge allows Stock Icons. Every challenge clearly states whether or not Stock Icons are allowed. If the challenge allows it, you will need to abide by the following rules:

  1. You must document your Stock Icons when submitting. (This helps a customer find the Stock Icons for use and attribution, if needed, later)
  2. You are allowed to use Stock Icons. If you use any Stock Icons (anything!) in your design it MUST BE DOCUMENTED.
  3. You are only allowed to use Stock Icons from the provided websites:
  1. SVG/ Vector Format: You MUST user SVG or vector versions of icons. DO NOT use PNG, JPG, or GIF formats. If you create your own icons, make sure they are in a vector format and included in your designs AND as separate files as part of your submission. We need to easily be able to download/ export SVG versions of all icons in your designs.


If the challenge does not allow Stock Icons, it will clearly state this in the challenge details page.

Stock Icons: Stock Icons are allowed but you must treat them like "stock photos". You are not allowed to edit stock icons and claim them as your own artwork. You are not allowed to trace stock icons and claim them as your own artwork. Stock icons are only allowed in design challenges that allow "Stock Icons". (When in doubt - ask in the Challenge Forum). Stock icons do not require watermarks but they do require proper source documentation.

Client Supplied Assets: Any assets supplied as part of the challenge can be used in your designs. These assets MUST still be declared as part of your submission.

Things to Remember

  • We screen all design submissions for copyright infringement and proper source documentation.
  • All designs must be created by you.
  • Make sure you understand the Topcoder Terms, Official Design Contest Rules and check each contest for more information and what is allowed in in that challenge before you submit.
  • Make sure ALL icons are vector/ SVG
  • No PNG, JPG, or GIF (raster) icons allowed


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    Can we add icons8.com in the lists?


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    Must the designer declare each icons with its URL? or simply something like "the icons are from https://thenounproject.com/" ?


    Thank you

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