Community Release Notes

We're always working on the Topcoder Platform in some way or another. Sometimes this involves technical and/or visual changes to the product and user experience, while other times it involves processes changes or small adjustments to existing experiences. Below is a list of updates that have rolled in to the community portion of the platform. We will try to keep this list updated as we release updates, changes, new features, etc.

April 2017

March 2017

  • Community Bug Bash III was completed and introduced incremental improvements to the community site.
  • Assigned tasks no longer show in the public listing pages.
  • Jira is no longer being used for paid tasks.  We will be shutting down All tasks going forward should follow

February 2017

  • Community Bug Bash II is complete.  Full recap here:
    • Added View Scorecards and Complete Appeals buttons to the challenge cards in your Dashboard.
    • Added View Scorecards and Complete Appeals buttons to the challenge details pages for easy access to those actions when the time is right.
    • The link to the challenge forum on the Challenge Details page was shown only to competitors before. We have changed that, and now it is also shown to copilots, observers, reviewers, and to everybody involved in a challenge!
    • Fixed the blog feed in the Dashboard (for some time it failed to load).
    • Modified the mobile view of active/past challenge listings in your Dashboard. Now it is way easier to scroll through them on your mobile device.
    • Also we have done a number of small fixes and technical enhancements which are not visible to you, but will help us to enhance the website further.
  • The next release from the productive Community Bug Bash has been delivered, thanks to the Community. This release was targeted at our tc-site repository, which mainly includes challenge listing challenge details user experiences. You can see the full list of fixes and updates here:

January 2017

  • site launched - New Topcoder Cognitive Community, specializing in cognitive technologies.
  • Predix badges added to profiles
  • Badges modal on profile improved with better size and close button.
  • Fix top menu links for competive-programming and blog
  • Fix for displaying copilot badge on profies
  • Updated Community Overview page with 2017 CAB

October 2016

  • Member ratings graphs were updated to improve the hover behavior on rated events.
  • Studio Reviewer/Screener registration page was updated to remove the self-service signup process. Process is being changed, and managed by the community operations team for now.
  • Unregister feature was added to the challenge pages for design and development challenges. This mimics the unregister flow that was previously available via the confirmation email received upon registering for a challenge and also the feature available in Online Review.

September 2016

  • Responsive design for part 2 released. This completes the responsive implementation for the marketing site. Tablet compatibility is coming next.
  • Challenge Terms are now persistent in the sidebar on challenge pages.
  • TCO 17 site launched (


August 2016

  • Updates to Review Assignment application and UI to support review process improvements. Review "auction" features where removed from the reviewer registration flows. Help pages have been updated as well.
  • Responsive design for part 1 released. Includes responsive design for core pages on the marketing site.
  • TCO Challenges are labeled with a TCO flag on the challenge listings pages.


July 2016

  • Improvements to member profile pages - better rating graphs.
  • marketing site released - brand new site with content, offerings, conversion pages etc.
  • centralized identity page released for community portion of the platform. Includes login, registration, and password reset.


May 2016

  • Design Submission Upgrade - improved backend, notifications, and stability
  • New Topcoder homepage released.
  • Github Chrome Extension for Topcoder challenge creation from Github issues (includes supporting API's) released
  • Payment Provider upgrades - upgrade of platform to handle security changes from Payoneer and Paypal.


April 2016

  • Design Submission Upgrade for member submission process. New UI as well as backend for more robust submission uploading and processing of design challenge submissions.  Includes support for uploads from cloud providers like Google Drive.
  • New member search - allows users to search Topcoder members and skills within the community.



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