Community Release Notes

We're always working on the Topcoder Platform in some way or another. Sometimes this involves technical and/or visual changes to the product and user experience, while other times it involves processes changes or small adjustments to existing experiences. Below is a list of updates that have rolled in to the community portion of the platform. We will try to keep this list updated as we release updates, changes, new features, etc.


Upcoming Releases


  • Topcoder X

    • A new way to run work on the Topcoder Platform directly via the use of tools like Github and Gitlab.  More to come on this soon..

  • Event Scoreboards

    • Updated scoreboards that will be used at the TCO and regional events.  These will be used onsite as well as online.
  • Marathon Match Upgrade

    • Migration of marathon matches to the core challenge engine.
    • Moves the challenge experience to the core UI at


October 2018 

Online Review Submission/Download Updates


  • Removes the Final Fix upload option from Online Review. All final fixes should now be uploaded from the challenge page on the community site.
  • Legacy design submissions can now be download from Online Review and Direct, assuming you have permission.
  • If submissions are not available yet for download in Online Review (i.e. it failed a virus scan), the user is alerted upon attempt to download.


Payment App Update


  • Markdown support for the description fields.
  • Tags are added to support setting technology tags.
  • Submission Guidelines field has been added.
  • You can not add the copilot and corresponding payment.


  • Some of the error handling has been improved. There are still some known instabilities when closing the payments that we are working on.




September 2018 

URL Submission Support


  • Support for submitting via a URL is now live.  There are 2 scenarios that are currently supported:
    • For topgear challenges, submission is restricted to only a URL.  File uploads are not supported.
    • For other challenges, the URL option has been added in addition to the existing options for uploading your submission.  If you select the URL option on the submission page, you can enter a URL that references your submission and the submission system will automatically pull your submission file into the platform from the URL you specify.

User Settings and Profile Upgrade

With this upgrade, we are repositioning the profile and user settings portion of the platform to align with Topcoder's evolving model while at the same time staying true to our core foundational principles. It focuses mainly on a new UX and framework for capturing and managing user settings and traits.


  • New APIs and event driven architecture to power user settings and profiles.
  • Updated UX: Public profiles now adhere to the standard UI kit.  User Settings has a completed updated UX.
  • Ability to manage your email address.
  • Additional user traits can be managed by you on your profile. 
  • Tools - Tell us what tools you have access to in terms of devices, subscriptions, providers, etc.  Why? We'll be able to match you to challenges and tasks that require access to specific tools. 
  • Communities - Manage the communities you are a member of, like Blockchain and Cognitive.
  • Hobbies - Share some info we might not know about you.  The better we understand our members, the better we can serve you.
  • T-shirt size!, current location, primary interest, etc.


  • Profile backend - A complete shift of the backend over to our more current event driven and API based architecture. This makes the experience quicker and more reliable as well as sets us up for easier development and support as we move forward.
  • Profile UX - The user interface was aligned with our latest look and feel for a more consist experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Linked accounts issues were resolved so you can link external accounts to your Topcoder profile.  This will come into play more for future concepts we plan to introduce.



Contentful Blog

  • Added Contentful BlogFeed component (a block that shows abstracts of a few recent posts from a specified blog feed, controlled from CMS)


August 2018

New Submission services and process!



  • We've completely swapped out the backend services with a new and modern event based architecture aimed at better scalability, reliability, performance, automation, and user experience improvements.
  • Added support for automating parts of screening.
  • Added Filestack support for all dev and design challenges. This enables pulling in submission files from cloud drives and an overall smoother upload experience.
  • Added support for entering a URL as a submission instead of an actual file upload (coming soon).


  • The design submission process has been reduced to a single file upload. This should provide for faster uploads and reduced issues when uploading submissions.
  • Updated submission instructions and font/stock photo/icon policies available on the challenge and submission page for design challenges.
  • Deprecated submitting from Online Review.  All submissions should be done from the challenge page now.

Read More


July 2018

  • released

    • This version of the site is now on-platform, giving us more scale and quicker release times, reusable features, CMS, etc.

  • Introduction of webhook support


June 2018

  • Advanced CMS features added to the community app. 
    • Control content within pages
    • Create new pages dynamically to add to the site - both main community site as well as expert/hybrid.
    • Add templated content areas for:
      1.   general free form content
      2.   banners
      3.   Accordian controls (i.e FAQ)
      4.   Member Hall of Fame
      5.   Track home pages


April 2018

  • Support for adding points to challenges.  Users that are launching challenges into hybrid/expert/private communities can now choose to add points as well as prize $ to a challenge.
  • Post-mortem phase enabled on Code challenges to enforce a retrospective on failed challenges. 
  • Eventing support added for challenge creation/update operations.


March 2018

  • There was an updated version of the member dashboard ( released. This provides a few things to the platform and community.
    • Moves the page onto our preferred front end app
    • Aligns the styling with the current UI kit.
    • Introduces the concept of Communities to the member experience. You’ll notice you can filter your challenges by communities that you belong to as well as see a “My Communities” tab.
    • Enables CMS capabilities on the community site. Currently, this is instrumented for the announcement area of the dashboard, but will be configured for other parts of the community site...including hybrid and expert communities. This allows content owners to create, preview, and schedule content at will.
  • CMS functionality was added to the community sites to support content management without the need for dev releases.  We will continue to release more capabilities over the coming months.
  • Added eventing support around challenge workflow.  This starts to set us up for a more modern architecture going forward.

November 2017

  • Several new experiences were released that reside on our new front end architecture and APIs. 
    • New challenge details page for both development and design challenges. This has an improved UI and improved spec formatting.
    • Challenge registration flow for design and development challenges, including the terms agreement flow.
    • Submission/Upload experience for both development and design challenges.
    • Submission management page for design page that allows submitters to view and manage their submissions. 

October 2017

  • New page that is supported by our modernized front end app and apis. Several bugs are fixed in this one as well.

July-Sept 2017

  • Released the new part of the platform to support hybrid and expert communities.  For example, and  Many features were included with this, including SSO, new challenge listing features, configurable sub community sites, groups and permissions for sub communities, etc.  More details to follow.

June 2017

  • Fixed issue of profile stats not always loading on profile page.
  • Conversion of challenge listings page to use new API.  This improves overall page performance.
  • Misc improvements to challenge listings:
    • added message for stalled challenges
    • added a placeholder for "upcoming" on the sidebar
    • fixed the results link for past challenges
    • fixed the leaderboard default image
    • fixed a problem where clicking on "view more challenges" didn't update the selection in the sidebar

May 2017

  • Incremental updates to the new challenge listings page.
  • Design challenge timelines have been updated.  By default, the Registration phase will now end at the same time as Checkpoint Submission.  Please always remember to check the timeline on your challenges since in some cases a custom timeline may be set. 

April 2017

  • New Challenge Listings experience released. We'll continue to refine this with the community's help.
  • Added upcoming challenges view to new listings page
  • Updated top nav to consolidate multiple challenge menu items into a single "All Challenges" item.

March 2017

  • Community Bug Bash III was completed and introduced incremental improvements to the community site.
  • Assigned tasks no longer show in the public listing pages.
  • Jira is no longer being used for paid tasks.  We will be shutting down All tasks going forward should follow

February 2017

  • Community Bug Bash II is complete.  Full recap here:
    • Added View Scorecards and Complete Appeals buttons to the challenge cards in your Dashboard.
    • Added View Scorecards and Complete Appeals buttons to the challenge details pages for easy access to those actions when the time is right.
    • The link to the challenge forum on the Challenge Details page was shown only to competitors before. We have changed that, and now it is also shown to copilots, observers, reviewers, and to everybody involved in a challenge!
    • Fixed the blog feed in the Dashboard (for some time it failed to load).
    • Modified the mobile view of active/past challenge listings in your Dashboard. Now it is way easier to scroll through them on your mobile device.
    • Also we have done a number of small fixes and technical enhancements which are not visible to you, but will help us to enhance the website further.
  • The next release from the productive Community Bug Bash has been delivered, thanks to the Community. This release was targeted at our tc-site repository, which mainly includes challenge listing challenge details user experiences. You can see the full list of fixes and updates here:

January 2017

  • site launched - New Topcoder Cognitive Community, specializing in cognitive technologies.
  • Predix badges added to profiles
  • Badges modal on profile improved with better size and close button.
  • Fix top menu links for competive-programming and blog
  • Fix for displaying copilot badge on profies
  • Updated Community Overview page with 2017 CAB

October 2016

  • Member ratings graphs were updated to improve the hover behavior on rated events.
  • Studio Reviewer/Screener registration page was updated to remove the self-service signup process. Process is being changed, and managed by the community operations team for now.
  • Unregister feature was added to the challenge pages for design and development challenges. This mimics the unregister flow that was previously available via the confirmation email received upon registering for a challenge and also the feature available in Online Review.

September 2016

  • Responsive design for part 2 released. This completes the responsive implementation for the marketing site. Tablet compatibility is coming next.
  • Challenge Terms are now persistent in the sidebar on challenge pages.
  • TCO 17 site launched (


August 2016

  • Updates to Review Assignment application and UI to support review process improvements. Review "auction" features where removed from the reviewer registration flows. Help pages have been updated as well.
  • Responsive design for part 1 released. Includes responsive design for core pages on the marketing site.
  • TCO Challenges are labeled with a TCO flag on the challenge listings pages.


July 2016

  • Improvements to member profile pages - better rating graphs.
  • marketing site released - brand new site with content, offerings, conversion pages etc.
  • centralized identity page released for community portion of the platform. Includes login, registration, and password reset.


May 2016

  • Design Submission Upgrade - improved backend, notifications, and stability
  • New Topcoder homepage released.
  • Github Chrome Extension for Topcoder challenge creation from Github issues (includes supporting API's) released
  • Payment Provider upgrades - upgrade of platform to handle security changes from Payoneer and Paypal.


April 2016

  • Design Submission Upgrade for member submission process. New UI as well as backend for more robust submission uploading and processing of design challenge submissions.  Includes support for uploads from cloud providers like Google Drive.
  • New member search - allows users to search Topcoder members and skills within the community.




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