Topcoder Connect FAQs

Topcoder Connect FAQs

Topcoder Connect is a web application that makes it easy for Topcoder customers to launch crowdsourcing projects for you to compete on.  Below you’ll find answers to some common questions about Connect. 

What types of projects can customers complete through Connect?

Connect is designed for projects that include application design and/or development work. Common deliverables from Connect projects include application wireframes, UI/UX designs, prototypes, MVPs, and production-ready apps. 

How do I access Connect?

If you’re already a member of the Topcoder Community, you can login to Connect with your normal Topcoder user ID. You’re welcome to create a test project to get a sense of the customer experience, but we ask that you do not click the Submit for Review button on test projects. 

What do Topcoder Community members do in Connect?

Topcoder Community members don't need to login to Connect—projects initiated by customers in Connect result in crowdsourcing challenges on the Topcoder Community member website just like you’re used to. In fact, you might participate in a design or development challenge without ever knowing that it ties to a customer project created through Connect! 

What do Copilots do in Connect?

Copilots that login to Connect are presented with a different dashboard than other Topcoder Community members. Connect copilots can view available projects, review project requirements, and claim projects from the queue. Once a project has been claimed in Connect, copilots are responsible for updating the project status in Connect, responding to customer messages, and posting status updates. 

How can I Become a Connect Copilot?

Select Topcoder copilots have been invited to act as copilots for projects in Connect. Please check back for additional information about becoming a Connect copilot.

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