What is Topcoder Blitz?

What is Topcoder Blitz?

A "Blitz" is a series of challenges launched over a short period of time by a single Topcoder client that gives points toward a bonus prize pool. Typically, each Blitz starts with a base prize pool and for each additional challenge launched, an incremental bonus is added to the pool. At the end of a Blitz, the competitors who place high in the leaderboard win a portion of the prize pool in addition to their regular challenge prize winnings!

Topcoder can host multiple Blitzes by different clients at any given time, which means more bonus pools for you to draw from if you win! See this page for all currently active Blitzes.

How to Compete and Win

When you register to compete on Blitz challenges, you are automatically competing for bonus prizes within that Blitz! There is no additional registration. Blitz program timelines will vary and may be weeks or months in length.

Each successfully completely challenge within the Blitz will have bonus placement points. Each Blitz has it's own structure for how points are awarded and how many top earners win from the bonus pool.

Official Rules

Who can Win
Any member with an active Topcoder account can compete and win placements points within a Blitz, unless the Blitz has special eligibility rules. Please see additional rules within each Blitz program and challenge.

Members can compete on multiple Blitzes.

How Blitz Bonus Prizes are Paid
All payments are processed within 60 days of bonus winner announcement for each Blitz. The member is responsible for any applicable taxes for bonus prize money.

Important Terms
In addition to the Topcoder Terms of Service (Terms) applicable to all activity on Topcoder, the following terms also apply:

  • Standard challenge eligibility rules apply to this bonus program, and some challenges may have unique eligibility requirements. Read all individual Blitz program rules and challenge rules.
  • Up to 100% of placement points may be deducted for bugs or late final fixes.
  • On a case-by-case basis, as determined by Topcoder staff, additional placement points may be deducted for issues including (but not limited to) cheating or use of copyrighted materials, within 30 days of completion.
  • Topcoder reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change any aspects of the competitions and the Topcoder Blitz, including but not limited to, these rules, point distribution, point value, prize payment schedule, at any point during this program.
  • Topcoder makes no guarantee as to the number of competitions that are open for competition in a Blitz at any given time, nor does it make guarantees on the types of competitions within a Blitz at any given time.
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