How to Read Your Design Scorecard

Once your submission has been screened, you will receive an email with your screening result and a link to your screening scorecard. Here are the scorecards used in Design challenges:

Checkpoint Round Scorecard

Final Round/Single Round Challenge

It’s important to read your scorecard whether or not you passed screening because it may contain important notes from the screener.

The scorecard has several sections that have questions mostly pertaining to copyright and font policies. If you do not understand these policies, you may fail screening. Read this Help page for more information.

The screener can leave comments under each scorecard answer. These comments will further explain why you failed something, or may contain a note asking you to fix something for the next round.

The bottom of the checkpoint scorecard has a question that asks the screener if you can submit again to Round 2. In many cases, you can fix something and submit again, so it’s important to read this answer.

If you ever have questions or concerns about your screening scorecard, you can email with the link to the scorecard and your username.

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