Member Photo Guidelines

Your member photo will be used throughout the site in the forums, your public profile, and in some cases associated with your submissions. Our guidelines for publishing member photos are similar to a passport photo. The photo should display your shoulders and your face. Please keep the photos professional in appearance. They should represent the professionalism of the community. We require a 300X300 pixel photo so that we can display it correctly throughout the site and in the Topcoder Open (TCO) program, should you become a finalist. Please use a photo of high quality (do not scale the photo up). Topcoder appreciates your interest in submitting photos for our website but we also reserve the right to remove a member's photo if it does not fit our requirements. If you notice a member's photo that is not appropriate, please report it to

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    Seems many members does not follow the guideline especially CloudSpokes members.

    Some guys just use cartoon or some other unrelated photo as avatar.

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