Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


In some cases, when clients would like to hold a "private" challenge that has confidentiality terms in addition to the usual click-through terms, the challenge will require a Non-Disclosure Agreement or "NDA" document to be completed prior to participation in the challenge. The Non-Disclosure Agreement requires members to strictly maintain the confidentiality of the competition materials. The NDA requires members to maintain the confidentiality of all competition materials that the member has access to as part of the challenge. The NDA may be used, for example, when a client does not want to make public the functionality or the branding information that is provided to the members as part of the challenge, or which the members may develop during the challenge. The NDA is designed to apply only to those challenges which are designated as requiring an NDA for participation. Members can not gain access to the challenge specifications or the private forums until they have submitted an NDA. If the member has an NDA on file, the member may access the challenge without additional action. This page describes the NDA document and the submission process. Please direct any questions or comments to Members can submit an NDA at the time that they wish to join a private challenge, at which time the document will be reviewed, or members can submit their NDA at any time prior to the challenge.

Completing the NDA document

1. To agree to this terms of use, please sign the NDA document by following this link: 2. Fill out the NDA completely or the NDA will not be accepted. 3. Include details for: Street Number/Name, City, Province, and Country, mail codes, Apartment Number etc. or the NDA will not be accepted. The address information must match the information in your topcoder profile. Please update your topcoder profile prior to submitting your NDA. If the address in your profile does not match, the NDA will not be accepted. 4. When filling out the NDA document, put your topcoder handle in the "Participant" field. The field should be written exactly the same as your topcoder handle, case sensitive. 5. Once signed, the document will be sent to the Topcoder Legal team for countersignature. Once countersigned, you will be automatically added to this terms of use and notified by email.

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