Reappeal Policy

If in the unfortunate situation that you feel that the reviewer hasn’t justly provided the necessary information to explain their score on a certain question(s), you have the option to submit a reappeal.  Please note that in order to close challenges on time, we do not recommend you do this unless you feel you have a strong case.


Although you may not file a petition against another competitor’s scorecards (only your own submission’s scorecards may be petitioned), you may report an inconsistent review if the reviewer scored submissions differently for the same issue.

  • You may submit a reappeal request within 24 hours after the completion of the appeals phase.  
  • The copilot of the challenge and/or a Topcoder Admin is the decision maker and has final say whether or not your reappeal is granted.


NOTE: This may be handled outside of a normal challenge workflow.

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