Topcoder Community Advisory Board

The Topcoder Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an honorary position held by a panel of community members who have a special interest in the growth and health of Topcoder. They are the liaisons between the community and the Topcoder staff, bringing community ideas and concerns to the forefront and helping to guide new features and platform enhancements.

The CAB has early access to upcoming features and meets with staff to brainstorm and speak for the community. The goal is to ensure the community has a strong voice about the future of Topcoder. Do you have some ideas you’d like to share with CAB to make the community even better? Join the discussion on the CAB forum!

CAB’s Commitment to the Topcoder Community

CAB members have a term of 12 months, during which time they spend time performing the following responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly meetings with Topcoder staff
  • Review new ideas and features and provide feedback to Topcoder staff
  • Regularly communicate with the members and prioritize all wants/needs of the community
  • Recap meetings in a blog post and in the CAB forum
  • Maintain active voice in the CAB forum

CAB members are still active members and can compete on challenges and act as copilots and reviewers. Read more about the details of the program in the CAB FAQs below.


What is the benefit of being a CABbie?

  • Take an active part in shaping and evolving the amazing Topcoder community
  • Get to know more community members and Topcoder staff
  • Get early access to information, new features and more
  • Cool swag!

What is expected of a CAB member?

CABbies are the liaisons between Topcoder staff and the community, bringing community concerns to the forefront and helping to guide new features and platform enhancements. The goal is to ensure the community has a strong voice about the future of Topcoder.

  • You will communicate with both members and TC staff via email, forums etc.
  • You will also attend regular meetings and sessions.
  • You will provide feedback on features and ideas before they are presented to the community.
  • You also meet with members and field questions, concerns and ideas to bring back to Topcoder.
  • Expect to spent about 5-8 hours each month on these activities. Meetings may be held anytime between 6:00 am – 10:00 pm in order to accommodate our global CAB members.

What can I expect from Topcoder Staff if I’m a CAB member?

As a CAB member, you will have “early access” to many new ideas and plans from different Topcoder staff members. You’ll hear candid opinions from staff, see demos of features, and we’ll use your feedback to help shape how we communicate with the community. We’ll also help facilitate communication between you and the community, ensuring you have a strong voice and can be an advocate for the members.

I’m pretty new to Topcoder… are you only looking for seasoned members?

New members are very welcome to join CAB! We’re striving for a balanced CAB with both new and seasoned members on the board. If you plan to continue to be an active community member in 2016, and you care about the future of Topcoder, please apply!

Can I be a CAB member if English is not my native language?

Absolutely! However, we will be having meetings and special sessions with people from all over the world, so if your English speaking skills make you shy away from conversations, this might not be a good fit. We want our CAB members to feel comfortable enough to be engaged in lively discussions.

How are CABbies chosen?

Applications and nominations will be reviewed by staff and finalists will be chosen. The finalists will be notified and then their application details will be presented to Topcoder staff for a vote. The vote results will influence who is ultimately chosen to be on the CAB. A total of 6 members will be elected to the Community Advisory Board.

What information should I give on my application to help Topcoder staff and the community get to know me and decide if I would be a good CAB member?

Your application should explain a bit about your interest in the community, why you are a Topcoder member, what you do here on Topcoder, and what you would like to accomplish as a CAB member. Of course, anything else that explains a bit about your history and personality is very helpful!

Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to reach out to nick.castillo or post in this forum thread. We’re happy to help!

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