Topcoder Community Advisory Board

The Topcoder Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an honorary position held by a panel of community members who have a special interest in the growth and health of Topcoder. They are the liaisons between the community and the Topcoder staff, bringing community ideas and concerns to the forefront and helping to guide new features and platform enhancements.

The CAB has early access to upcoming features and meets with staff to brainstorm and speak for the community. The goal is to ensure the community has a strong voice about the future of Topcoder. Do you have some ideas you’d like to share with CAB to make the community even better? Join the discussion on the CAB forum!

CAB’s Commitment to the Topcoder Community

CAB members have a term of 12 months, during which time they spend time performing the following responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly meetings with Topcoder staff
  • Review new ideas and features and provide feedback to Topcoder staff
  • Regularly communicate with the members and prioritize all wants/needs of the community
  • Recap meetings in a blog post and in the CAB forum
  • Maintain active voice in the CAB forum

CAB members are still active members and can compete on challenges and act as copilots and reviewers. Read more about the details of the program in the CAB FAQs.

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